Our teachers guide and encourage your child’s curiosity, creativity and self-confidence. Students are initially taught social skills including how to interact with others, and how to eat in a social setting.

Their day is filled with safe, fun, stimulating activities such as nursery rhymes, pre-school poems, puzzles, legos, music, play-dough, letter pictures flash cards, story time, language development cards, and objects for counting.


  • Introduction to writing – Writing positions, and tracing upper case letters.
  • Numbers – Counting and recognition from 1 to 10.
  • Language enrichment – Poetry, nursery rhymes, story time
  • Music
  • Art-work, art-creation
  • Sharing time
  • Show and tell

Development Goals:

  • Help each child gain self-confidence
  • Develop an interest in learning through enjoyable activities
  • Encourage them to show kindness at home and school
  • Give praise to each child for their accomplishments enabling them to feel happy and proud of themselves