This program prepares the children for Kindergarten. They are taught preparatory skills for Math and Reading. The children are also introduced to group situations, different creative centers, and group activities.


  • Letters – Reciting the alphabet, recognizing the letters in their name, recognizing their written name
  • Early reading and writing,
  • Numbers and pre-math skills
  • Phonic sounds
  • Shape and color recognition
  • Painting
  • Science
  • Listening skills
  • Social, emotional, intellectual, and fine motor development
  • Creative movement
  • Learning to use scissors, paint, and glue safely
  • On a weekly basis everyone will be a “helper” with a job to do to build an understanding of responsibility and self-esteem
  • Show and tell and book day will be every other week

Development Goals:

  • Help each child gain self-confidence
  • Develop an interest in learning through enjoyable activities
  • Gain an early recognition and understanding of the alphabet
  • Recognize his/her own name, as well as others in the class.
  • Develop awareness of the sound structure of the English language.
  • Detect similarities and differences between sounds.
  • Recognize and repeat rhyming patterns.
  • Discriminate between spoken sounds.
  • Encourage them to show kindness at home and school
  • Give praise to each child for their accomplishments enabling them to feel happy and proud of themselves