Kindergarten is a foundation that provides your child the opportunity to develop exceptional learning skills such as reading, writing, numerical ability and independent thinking. Our program ensures that all children passing Kindergarten are developmentally ready for the 1st Grade in Elementary School.

  • Reading and writing are taught together using direct systematic Phonic instruction.
  • The curriculum includes math, number recognition, counting (money, time), fractions, and geometry.
  • Students are taught to identify and draw a Triangle, Square, Circle etc.
  • Science includes animals, plants, weather, the stars, planets etc.
  • Social Studies includes US Presidents, Map Reading, Earth, Globe.
  • This a preparatory class for your child’s next step to elementary education so children are encouraged to explore the fields of Art, Music & Physical Fitness & the cultural diversity of the world.
  • Our Kindergarten curriculum helps in the total development of the child.