Kindergarten is a foundation that provides your child the opportunity to develop exceptional learning skills such as reading, writing, numerical ability and independent thinking. Our program ensures that all children passing Kindergarten are developmentally ready for the 1st Grade in Elementary School.

To ensure children are developmentally ready for Elementary school their exposure to language is extensive. This includes the fundamentals of comprehending language, reading, and writing. Most children who graduate from A Kid’s Place learn to read independently and are ready to enter 1st grade.


  • Reading / Writing – Taught together using direct systematic Phonic instruction.
  • Phonics – Name and sounds of short vowels, consonants, consonant/vowel blends, understanding how to correlate sounds to words, gaining and understanding of spelling words
  • Number recognition, counting skills (money, time)
  • Math – Arithmetic, fractions, geometry (identify and draw a triangle, square, circle, and other shapes)
  • Science – Animals, plants, weather, the stars, and planets.
  • Social Studies – US Presidents, map reading (including a globe).
  • Art – Coloring skills, encouragement to use their imaginations with art-work
  • Motor coordination activities
  • Visual perception
  • Activities to build listening and thinking skills

Development Goals:

  • Preparing your child for their next step to an Elementary education
  • Building character and embracing the concept of responsibility
  • Feeling encouraged and gaining an interest to explore the fields of Art, Music & Physical Fitness & the cultural diversity of the world
  • Help each child gain self-confidence
  • Develop an interest in learning through enjoyable activities
  • Encourage them to show kindness at home and school
  • Give praise to each child for their accomplishments enabling them to feel happy and proud of themselves
  • Fostering of knowledge – Not only in the formal cognitive sense, but also a knowledge of self, an understanding of a person’s feelings, learning how to communicate without hurting another person’s feelings