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To ensure authenticity each review below contains a link which states "Click Here for Full Review!", this will take you to an original copy of each review.  We have posted just a few of the several testimonials we have received over the years.

Review 1

I had a teacher conference with Diamone's teacher yesterday and she was extremely pleased with her reading skills and math skills and her over all attitude on school and learning.  I just wanted to let you know...

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Review 2

Thanks for taking such great care of our children each day.  Zachary will miss his teachers & friends.  Lindsey looks forward to...

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Review 3

My heart felt thanks to all of you for everything you've done for Katelyn over the last 3 years.  Your understanding, compassion and love have provided...

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Review 4

My experience with A Kid's Place has been extraordinary.  When I first decided to place Macie at this particular school I was living in Louisiana and had to initially make contact by telephone.  Instead of reaching an answering machine or rude receptionist I always spoke with the owner...

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Review 5

We are writing this letter to tell you how glad we are that our child attended A Kid's Place.  Our son Jarett started 3 years ago.  He has been in K-3, K-4, and graduated from Kindergarten in May.  Over the years he has learned...

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I just wanted to thank you and the other teachers for the four wonderful years that both Keara and Shannon had attending A Kid's Place.  The attention to educating preschoolers and the kindergarteners was excellent...

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Review 7

Dierdre's experience at Kid's Place was a very happy and productive one.  the teachers are engaged in keeping the children's minds and bodies occupied through learning hands-on crafts, structured and unstructured play.  There is a strong focus...

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